KR Pool House, Golden, Colorado

Imagine stepping into the pool house of your dreams!  Walking into this modern pool house, the first thing you notice is the serene ambiance. The interior design seamlessly combines functionality with luxury, creating a space that’s perfect for both relaxation and activity.  The color palette is soft and inviting.  Every piece of furniture, both casegood and upholstery is rated for outdoor use so wet bathsuits and lots of splashing is never a concern.

The main lounge area is comprised of an oversized outdoor sectional and armchairs arranged around a central fireplace and TV. It’s the perfect spot to relax after swimming or working out in the adjacent gym, which includes a half basketball court, pickleball court, a climbing wall and a full workout gym with state of the art equipment.  

The kitchen is sleek and modern, with stainless steel appliances, including beverage drawers and a built-in Miele espresso machine. The backsplash tile in the kitchen, as well as the full bath and half bath, is from Ann Sacks Tile.  The large sliding glass doors throughout the space seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces.

 As you step inside the yoga room, you’re greeted by soft, natural light filtering in through large windows. The hardwood floors are smooth and inviting, perfect for practicing yoga or meditation.  There are heat panels throughout the ceiling for hot yoga.  Outside the yoga room is a cedar wood lined sauna and a large cold plunge pool.

Overall, this modern pool house combines functionality with luxury, creating a space where you can work out, relax, and entertain. It’s the ultimate retreat for the modern lifestyle!

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PH Kitchen
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